Best Keto Recipes

Explore my best keto recipes and meal ideas. These are the tried and true recipes for flavor and weight loss. Share them on social media and leave me comments. View All Recipes by Tasteful Keto.

Blueberry Omelette

Sweet & savory keto omelette! View all my Keto Omelette Recipes.

Chocolate Mousse

Best keto dessert recipe! Make chocolate mousse in less than five minutes. Also, try Peanut Butter, Strawberry, & Coconut Mousse.

Thin Crust Pizza

Use high fiber tortillas to make thin crust keto pizzas. Only 5 net carbs per tortilla! Add Pesto Sauce for flavor.

Breakfast Cereal

Make my keto cereal for weight loss. Use low calorie and low carb Almond Milk.

Mini Quiche Muffins

You'll love this recipe! Make a double batch of cream cheese crust. View Spinach Quiche & Quiche Lorraine.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

I make this recipe at least once a week. It's the perfect meal for when you're on the go. Also, view my Almond Vanilla Shake.

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Smooth & creamy breakfast smoothie. View all my Keto Smoothies.

Chile Rellenos

I had to make a keto version of my favorite Mexican dish! Also, view Jalapeno Poppers.

Hibiscus Drinks

A hibiscus flower grew into my kitchen. I used it to make flavorful tea.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 
~Mahatma Gandhi