Bacon Cheese Omelette

Bacon Cheese Omelette

Make this cheesy keto bacon omelette for breakfast! This recipe is great to split and share. Just add some more ingredients. I always include a base of sautéed greens for more nutrition. View all my Keto Omelettes and Keto Breakfast Recipes.

Keto Bacon Omelette

Make this bacon and cheese omelette on the keto diet

Keto bacon omelette recipe for an easy keto breakfast. Make this meal on the ketogenic diet.


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Chop the bacon into pieces and cook on medium heat until crispy. Remove the bacon. Clean off any burnt remains on the pan.

Vigorously beat the eggs and cream until bubbles form. Melt the butter on a hot pan, then pour on the eggs. Cook for 1 minute. Add the bacon, cheese, and herbs to one side. Fold the other side over when firm. Turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Rest for a couple minutes and enjoy!

Add a base of sautéed greens for more nutrition. Simply, cook a couple handfuls of leafy greens in a pan with butter. They will wilt and shrink.

Keto bacon omelette for the ketogenic diet. Use bacon as an ingredient for easy omelette recipes.

Cooking Tips

  • Always use nitrate-free bacon with no added sugar or preservatives! I always use grass-fed dairy and organic eggs.
  • One side of the omelette usually cooks faster than the other side. Flip this side over. Put your ingredients on the less cooked side. 


Makes 1 omelette

  • Fat 67g
  • Net Carbs 2g
  • Protein 34g
  • Calories 635

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Keto bacon omelette with cheese and greens. Make this keto omelette for breakfast meals.
Best bacon omelette recipe for the keto diet. Make this easy bacon omelette with sauteed greens.
Delicious keto bacon cheese omelette recipe for the ketogenic diet. Use bacon on breakfast recipes.

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