Peanut Butter Shake

Peanut Butter Shake

Enjoy my fluffy keto peanut butter shake with chocolate! Make this peanut butter milkshake for a quick keto meal. View all my Keto Smoothies, Keto Shakes, and Keto Milkshakes.

Keto Peanut Butter Milkshake

Keto chocolate peanut butter shake for quick meals. Also, view my Almond Vanilla Shake.

 Make keto chocolate peanut butter shake recipes for the ketogenic diet. Make a low carb peanut butter chocolate shake for breakfast.


*Use 2/3 cup of full fat Coconut Milk as an alternative to dairy

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 Keto peanut butter chocolate shake recipe for the keto diet and low carb diet. Lose weight and make chocolate shakes for quick snacks.


Mix all the ingredients in a blender for 20 seconds. Slowly add the water for best texture. Add cocoa nibs at the end for crunchy flavor! 

Cooking Tips

  • Blending for 20 seconds adds lots of air for fluffy texture.
  • Mineral Salt brings out the flavor. Always add mineral salt!
  • Use all-natural Peanut Butter & organic dairy for the best quality ingredients.
 Chocolate keto shake recipe and chocolate peanut butter shake for the ketogenic diet. Make this low carb peanut butter chocolate shake and lose weight by eating great!


Makes 1 drink
Serving size 2 cups

  • Fat 56g
  • Net Carbs 6g
  • Protein 9g
  • Calories 410

Add chia seeds or hemp seeds to increase fat, fiber, and protein. Learn how to lose weight on the keto diet!  

 Chocolate peanut butter keto shake recipe for the ketogenic diet. Enjoy low carb breakfast shakes with chocolate on the keto diet. 
 Keto peanut butter shake with low carb ingredients for the ketogenic diet. Make this keto milkshake recipe with chocolate and peanut butter.
 Keto chocolate peanut butter milkshake recipe for the ketogenic diet. Make low carb chocolate shakes with peanut butter for a best breakfast shake. 

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