Keto Bacon and Eggs

Keto Bacon and Eggs

Keto bacon and eggs recipe for breakfast. Make fatty and filling fried eggs with bacon for a quick morning meal. View more Keto Egg Recipes.

keto bacon and eggs for keto egg breakfast recipe and ketogenic recipes

Keto Ingredients

  • 3 Eggs
  • 2 strips  Bacon
  • Mineral Salt & Black Pepper to taste
  • Optional: Sautéed Greens, Pesto Sauce, Fresh HerbsHerb Butter

Keto Cooking

Cook strips of bacon in a pan on medium/high heat until desired crispiness, 5-10 minutes. Break open eggs into the rendered fat. Cook and flip for fried eggs. Alternatively, turn off heat and cover with a lid for sunny-side up. Rest until egg whites are cooked through, 2-3 minutes.

Keto Cooking Tips

  • Only eat nitrate-free bacon with no additives!
  • Use organic greens & grass-fed dairy for best ingredients.
  • Mineral salt brings out flavor.

Keto Nutrition

Makes 1 serving

  • Fat 36g
  • Net Carbs 0g
  • Protein 27g

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