Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

Delicious keto beef stroganoff with zucchini noodles. Make this low carb pasta for a family dinner. The Worcestershire sauce at the end brings the dish together. Don't forget it! View more Keto Recipes.

Keto Beef Stroganoff

Low carb stroganoff for family dinners

Keto beef stroganoff recipe and easy low carb beef stroganoff for dinner. Make this keto mushroom stroganoff for family dinners on the keto diet. 


  • 3 medium Zucchini
  • 12 oz. Sirloin Steak or Ground Beef
  • 8 oz. Mushrooms
  • 1 medium Onion
  • 2-3 cloves Garlic
  • 1 cup Heavy Cream
  • 1 cup Sour Cream
  • 1/4 cup Butter
  • 1 tbsp. Beef Bouillon
  • Worcestershire Sauce or Balsamic Vinegar drizzled to taste
  • Mineral Salt Black Pepper to taste
  • Optional: Fresh Herbs & Dried Spices
Low carb beef stroganoff recipe and best keto beef stroganoff for ketogenic recipes. Make this keto friendly low carb stroganoff for family dinners.


Prep and process all ingredients. Wash and slice the mushrooms. Dice the onion. Thinly slice the steak, then sanitize the area.

Cook the ingredients with butter one at a time in a large pan on medium heat. Cook the steak until brown, 3-4 minutes. Cook the onion and mushrooms until tender, 5 minutes. Add crushed garlic at the end for 2-3 minutes. 

Keto stroganoff recipe and easy keto pasta recipe for dinners. Add beef and mushrooms to this easy keto past recipe for losing weight.

Leave rendered juices in the pan and reduce the cream for a few minutes. Add beef bouillon and sour cream, then continue to reduce until thick. 

Mix all the ingredients into the sauce. Flavor with Worcestershire, salt, pepper and optional ingredients. Serve on top of raw zucchini noodles. 


Makes 3 servings

Fat 74g
Net Carbs 13g
Protein 25g

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